Improper Influence: A Finger on the Scales

Ms. Barrentine’s pattern of abusing power and exercising improper influence goes back a long way. According to the article below, when a debt-collection attorney contacted her to collect $320 in bad checks that had been passed at Wal-Mart in 2004, Ms. Barrentine maintained that it was a case of identity theft stemming from her purse being stolen back in 1999 — but refused to provide her signature for comparison to the signature on the bad checks.

Instead, Ms. Barrentine contacted the District Attorney, whom she knew through her Republican Party connections. The DA threatened the debt-collection attorney with investigation if he didn’t drop the matter. In 2006, the D. A. was officially censured for exercising improper influence on Ms. Barrentine’s behalf.  Read the whole article here.