Conspiracy Theories

Barrentine regularly perpetuates and promotes baseless conspiracy theories that divide our community, waste time and distract from real issues. It takes courage and integrity to confront those promoting baseless conspiracy theories. Barrentine, however, does the opposite. She stokes the flames of misguided conspiracy theorists in an attempt to manipulate their passion and fear for her own political benefit. This behavior can be seen over and over again throughout Barrentine’s tenure on Council.

An excellent example of this is Barrentine’s perpetuation of the repeatedly disproven “Agenda 21” conspiracy theory. To summarize, this baseless conspiracy theory claims that the United Nations intends to essentially take over control of local governments through its voluntary action plan that offers suggestions for sustainable ways governments can combat poverty and protect the environment in the 21st Century (hence the “21.”) In 1992, the US, led by George H.W. Bush, and 177 other nations voted to adopt the program, which is not legally binding. Since then, conspiracy theorists like Barrentine have claimed that this is some sort of attempt to create a “one-world government.”

Don’t believe that Council Member Barrentine would actually believe this nonsense? See thisĀ email to fellow Council Member Rita Russell, where Barrentine suspects a municipal “Inclusivity Board” in Westminster of being a part of the “Agenda 21” conspiracy that doesn’t exist. This public email was received via a Colorado Open Records Act request.

If you think our elected officials should focus on real issues rather than fake ones, vote YES to recall Barrentine by September 18th.


Recall Election Date Set: September 18, 2018

Mail ballots will be sent to registered District 3 Englewood voters on August 27, 2018. Ballots MUST be returned by 7 PM on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 to be counted.

The Recall of Laurett Barrentine from City Council will be the only issue on the ballot. For a positive and cooperative future for Englewood VOTE YES on the recall!

If the recall is successful, Laurrett Barrentine will be immediately removed from City Council and an election for her successor will be scheduled.

“You want a piece of me?” -Barrentine

Aside from regularly antagonizing and chastising both City employees and citizens she disagrees with who appear before Council, on August 15, 2016, Council Member Barrentine took her aggressive and unprofessional behavior to new heights. While returning to a Council meeting from an executive Council session, she stated to Englewood City Manager, “you want a piece of me?” This type of conduct would not be tolerated in any workplace in America and it should not be tolerated on our City Council. Manager Keck relays the story to all of Council in the following video clip from a public meeting while imploring Council to address the dysfunctional dynamic perpetuated by Member Barrentine.

Take a look at the video of the incident for yourself below. The statement is made in the last several seconds of the video (turn your volume up):