The 5-Minute Challenge (scroll down to watch the videos)

5 minute

Barrentine’s behavior on council is obstructive and abrasive. She regularly gets caught in half-truths and contradictions. But don’t take our word for it… watch for yourself.

Here’s the challenge, watch five minutes worth of video from the three videos below. Then vote! Does her behavior reflect the kind of representation you want?

If you want to spend more time on this, please watch the full relevant sections from the council meetings to get more context (links provided below). Or watch any council meeting or study session! Pay attention to her fractured relationships with city staff and fellow council members. Listen for the cutting remarks, interruptions and off-topic filibusters. See for yourself.

Barrentine Obstructed Staff Efforts to Hire an Emergency Manager, Leaving us Unprepared for the Flood:


The entire discussion in the study session is worth watching (here). (The relevant section of the video 3:31:20)

Barrentine’s Cloak and Dagger Scandal:


The full 31 minute discussion is available at the end of the article here.

14 Former Council Member’s (including 4 former mayors) Endorse Recall:



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