A Letter From Randy Penn

Let’s Make One Thing Clear.

This recall is about only one person—Council Member Laurett Barrentine. Her behavior has been, and is still, unacceptable.

She claims to be the guardian of the City’s money. In fact, Englewood’s Charter and State Statute require that the budget must balance each and every year. If Ms. Barrentine’s votes against the balanced budgets were to prevail our City and its services would come to a standstill.

She claims the recall is costing the citizens money. While this is true, I believe that the cost outweighs the expense her behavior has on City progress. For example, Ms. Barrentine’s concern for the cost of special elections evaporated earlier this year when instead of reaching consensus to appoint District 1’s council replacement for Joe Jefferson (as the charter requires), a special election was forced. Polarization on the important issues facing Englewood costs money and is working against Englewood’s bright future.

Ms. Barrentine adds to expenses through ongoing interruptions when she blocks or delays council votes. By requesting more (and more again) information, additional staff time is required and sometimes overtime pay. The result is delay, dysfunction, inaction and added cost. This district needs a council member who studies the issues, comes to the table ready to discuss, will compromise to reach consensus and votes. Englewood’s future depends on a city council that solves real issues without unjustifiable delays.

Ms. Barrentine claims to be a friend of the businesses in Englewood but constantly works to nullify new resident building and interferes with businesses that she dislikes. She shows no interest in developing a sensible growth plan for Englewood’s future. New residents create new money for our businesses, old and new—and necessary City resources. Our future depends on a functional City at all levels starting with city council.

Ms. Barrentine fails to use the procedural chain of command. In bypassing the city manager, it causes problems for everyone. Going around the city manager to the department directors or employees is not acceptable behavior.

Please don’t take my word for this. Go to englewoodrecall.com, or watch nearly any city council meeting or study session, to see for yourself. Many demonstrate the unprofessional lack of decorum I feel is so damaging to Englewood’s reputation and future.

Our district deserves a council member that delves into each issue, follows the Charter, acts in good faith for the best interests of Englewood, and is always transparent to everyone at all times, not just when convenient. That person should work to better the City and be a positive representative to all employees, citizens, and those visiting the City of Englewood. Englewood’s future depends on it!


Randy Penn

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