Police Report: Barrentine’s Aggressive Behavior

UPDATE: Englewood Herald story available here.

At the May 7 City Council meeting Barrentine attempted to intimidate fellow council member Cheryl Wink so that Wink wouldn’t do her job. As an at-large council member, Wink is responsible to hear the concerns of the whole city, including the voters in Barrentine’s district. During a discussion of the concerns about Barrentine that prompted the recall, Wink reported to the council that as an at-large member, she’d heard Englewood citizens voice similar concerns.  

Barrentine stormed up to Council Member Wink, shouting, “I helped you get elected!” After the meeting, Barrentine followed Wink out of Council chambers and into the 2nd floor lobby, continuing to yell at her. (See this police report for further details.)

Council Member Wink was just doing her job: reporting to the council on the concerns of Englewood citizens. She’s not supposed to dodge that responsibility because Barrentine helped her campaign. Barrentine’s response—storming up to the physically smaller Wink, shouting at her, and following her as she left, continuing to shout—that’s classic bully behavior. We have a right to expect better from a council member.

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